qlda-2 BUSINESS ORIENTATION Thien Y is developed on the basis of a team of highly motivated, professional staff with close ties to a network of suppliers of equipment, products and other services in the same field. Thanks to these advantages, Thien Y is one of the leading contractors of M&E, deploying as a general contractor of M&E and professional fire protection system in Vietnam. We are committed to ” Providing the good products and best service for all M&E projects “that Thien Y deploy. Motto           Thien Y operates with the motto: “The quality of project  and customer’s satisfaction make the brand Thien Y ” Vision Becoming the most prestigious and quality M&E contractor in Vietnam, in which the technical and management skills effectively is considered as the nuclear of development. Business strategy           Developing on the basis of advanced technology and skilled human resources creating the Investor’s satisfaction for the modern projects with the motto “Provide the best quality products, best service for all M&E projects”. To achieve that, we commit to adhering to the core values of honesty, professionalism, safety and creativity. Organizational chart SDTC-710x400-2 BUSINESS ORIENTATION Main activities THIEN Y develops mainly in the field of supplying mechanical and electrical products and services. We provide comprehensive solutions, including: design, integration, construction, deployment, operation and maintenance according to the requirements of customers in the field of M&E:
  • Fire protection system and other specialized systems (gas system, pressure gas system …)
  • Electrical system (transformer station, backup generator station, switchgear system, control system, lighting system for garden and urban infrastructure, auxiliary equipment)
  • Control and monitoring system (automatic building control system, video door system, public audiovisual system, security system)
  • Air Conditioning and Ventilation system (Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Mechanical Systems)
  • Installation of water supply and sanitation (Water supply and drainage, installation of sanitary equipment system)
  • Lightning protection and grounding system