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In the general development trend of the construction market over the past decade, the industrial and civil construction sector has been growing and also required to meet the technical requirements, the requirements of quality and fire protection requirements are increasingly strict.

Thien Y Equipment and Technology Joint Stock Company founded to satisfy the strict demanding

THIEN Y EQUIPMENT AND TECHNOLOGY JOINT STOCK COMPANY is one of the leading mechanical and electrical contractors in Vietnam. We provide products and services in M&E: Deploying and installing the fire protection system, air conditioning, high quality dynamic power system for

With 10 years of experience in providing electrical and mechanical products and services, we have affirmed the prestige and capability of our customers, completed more than 50 projects with high quality in the fields of: Consulting, designing, supplying equipments, producing and executing M&E projects. Especially in the field of fire protection system, Thien Y has received many positive feedback from customers. This is a great motivation for us to improve the quality of our products and services.

We believe that Thien Y.,JSC is capable of competing to “make a difference” for its products and services. We always focus on training and improving the working skills of professional staff and workers to provide perfect service to customers. We can provide full package services to customers from design to construction, maintenance and utility management services in the field of M&E.